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can be an ordeal of keep losing money to just keep your application alive or an exciting opportunity to grow your idea into a concrete and profitable idea. Choose the latter.


should be a core element in your marketing strategy. It is never too late to consult with a trademark attorney. That is especially true if you want to register your trademark in order to sell at Amazon.com.

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  • What Do I Need for Trademark Registration?
    To register a trademark, you need to either (1) have used a mark (could be a brand name, a company logo, or even a unique color) in association with your good or service or (2) have a bona… Continue reading What Do I Need for Trademark Registration?
    Many clients reported that they received an unsolicited service invoice from Service BPM 326634 at 8345 NW 66 ST #2000 33166-7896 Miami, which looks like this: It has nothing to do with your U.S. trademark registration, and you… Continue reading DO NOT PAY WTP!
  • USPTO TEAS—What is a disclaimer?
    When required, disclaimer works against you. So, an ideal trademark would not have a disclaimer. However, sometimes you want to include certain words that need to be disclaimed no matter what. In that case, I recommend you start the trademark registration process in advance using an ITU application and do not include disclaimer in your initial application. A lack of your disclaimer does not cost your extra USPTO fees. It costs extra time and some work, but if you started early, you can afford waiting for a few months more before you start print out brochures and build signs for your business with ®, sitting on your priority date (filing date).

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