(4) Mark Information II

Common questions: good-or-service international-class filing-basis specimen-attachment specimen-description first-use On this page #4, you will describe the product or service you’re selling. Is it a good or a service? What international class does the good/service fall under? And how do you describe the good/service in detail? To answer the questions, you need to know “what it is” that you […]

How much does a trademark registration REALLY cost?

Above is a cumulative showing of trademark fees (government fees only). Assuming you use your trademark for a single type (category) of product/service, an online application fee can cost as low as $225, plus a $125 one-time maintenance fee after 5 years of use and $425 every 10 years. Total $1,200 over 20+ years? Not much right? However, if you don’t […]

You can call your coffee house “The Coffee House,” but …

Common questions: mark-type There are mainly two types of trademark, a standard one and a stylized one. A standard one (called a standard character mark) establishes your trademark rights to the written words of the mark whereas a stylized one (called a stylized/design mark) to the expression of the words in a certain way. For example, “Coca-Cola” is a brand name of […]

Tax forms are complex and lengthy, but they can’t go south.

Federal trademark registration has become a standard practice for many reasons including (1) it’s inexpensive (as low as $225 to apply online); (2) due to the internet, no one does business in a single state; and (3) branding becomes crucial to even small businesses. And if I add one more to the list, it’s fairly easy. […]

You’ve got to “use” your trademark

Common questions: use-in-commerce trademark-infringement Let’s take a look at an interesting story:By the time Apple Inc. debuted iPhone in January 2007, the prefix “i” had already become a thing of Apple. The inauguration of iMac series dates back in 1998. In 2003, iPod was a mega hit.Lesser known than Apple, however, there was a startup called InfoGear Techonlogy Corporation, which developed an internet phone […]