What is Patent?

Patent is an exclusive right to appropriate an invention. Patent is often considered a luxury to a small and midsize business. More often than not, you find out about the importance of patents after someone accuses you of a patent infringement. It could be a cease and desist letter or a service of process. Without an understanding of how […]

How to get a patent without costing a fortune?

How can IPfever reduce the cost of patent? We set up simple rules: (1) you do your own homework; (2) attorneys work online; and (3) we make sure the attorneys fees are proportional to what you get. First, you do your own homework. If you just ignore an issue because it’s too much to deal with yourself, nothing ever changes. […]

How Does Patent Work for Small to Mid-size Business?

Patent is an intellectual property right, which is not aimed to boost the economy but intended to advance science and technology. So, many business-minded people will struggle with the basic concept of patent and how it should be used for their business. On the other hand, patent is recognized as the most reliable and strong […]

Why patenting an invention so expensive?

It doesn’t have to be so expensive. It’s just that the law firms, boutiques, or their likes practicing patent law are focused on serving bigger mostly corporate clients rather than individual inventors. When it comes to an invention which is more about an idea and less about technology, you don’t need PhDs spending hours reviewing […]

Why you need a patent?

Getting a patent is not like having a trademark registered. If you started using a name, logo, image, or even a sequence of musical notes as a symbol that stands for your product or service, you already have a trademark. Trademark registration is a way to give an affirmative notice to the public that you are using the mark. The registration offers some perks, which are […]

Introduction to Patent

Patent is an expensive but smart way to protect your business.Getting a patent is not a quick and easy process. It usually takes years of prosecution (though you can claim “patent pending” from the moment you file the application) and thousands of dollars. However, the reward is a government sanctioned monopoly. Yes, MONOPOLY.Patent is a deal you make with the […]