The Hidden Strength of Walmart

Although Amazon is reigning in the online retail market, if you compare the annual retail sales figures of 2016, Walmart’s $363 billion in annual revenue overshadowed Amazon’s $77 billion. This is a meaningful success in the offline retail market where many retail giants are fiercely competing. What in the earth makes Walmart to score such […]

Value of a patent: the cost-benefit analysis

Will your patent justify your time and money? This is where you can benefit from a consultation to a patent attorney who understands your technology and has your best interest in mind. The truth is virtually anything can be patented … if you don’t mind what is claimed in the patent. In other words, you sufficiently narrow the scope […]

Look out for others’ patents

Patent clearance search is called a Freedom-To-Operate opinion because it reveals others’ patents that are blocking your way. It requires searching and analyzing patent documents in the country where you do business. Even if you invent something new, it is often based on other’s previous works. For example, you get a patent on a new cap design for plastic bottles, which […]