$225 to Register a Trademark?

We have discussed the importance of trademark in “Amazon Suggests Branding for All“, and compared good and bad trademarks in “How often do you Google your trademark“. This time, we will learn about how to register a trademark.

How often do you Google your trademark?

How do you react to a sight of a retail store that just launched? Early adopters enjoy using a product or service before other people do, but most of the consumers tend to be a lot less passionate about embracing a new store although its sight might pop among aging stores. That is why many […]

Amazon Suggests Branding for All

Approaching the 2017 holiday shopping season, the e-commerce giant Amazon’s stock price is heading to $1,200. Amazon.com, often quoted as “The Everything Store”, reportedly accounts for 46% of the entire online retail sales. An interesting thing about shopping at Amazon.com is that you do not particularly notice the items sold directly by Amazon. All items […]

What is Trademark?

A trademark is a mark you use in order to identify your good or service. For instance, IPfever is a trademark as it’s associated with services and contents offered at IPfever.com. If a law professor wants to start a blog about IP, she shouldn’t name it IPfever. Such naming would mislead people to think that the blog was associated with IPfever. But, on the other hand, if a […]

US Trademark Backlog in the 1Q 2018?

There’s been reports about a huge number of applications, originating from China. See e.g. this WJ article at https://www.wsj.com/articles/flood-of-trademark-applications-fromchinaalarms-u-s-officials-1525521600. Then, is there a backlog created by the increase of Chinese trademarks? I had a chance to look at the dates of applications filed on behalf of my clients from 3Q to 4Q of ’17 and to […]

How much does a trademark registration REALLY cost?

Above is a cumulative showing of trademark fees (government fees only). Assuming you use your trademark for a single type (category) of product/service, an online application fee can cost as low as $225, plus a $125 one-time maintenance fee after 5 years of use and $425 every 10 years. Total $1,200 over 20+ years? Not much right? However, if you don’t […]

You can call your coffee house “The Coffee House,” but …

Common questions: mark-type There are mainly two types of trademark, a standard one and a stylized one. A standard one (called a standard character mark) establishes your trademark rights to the written words of the mark whereas a stylized one (called a stylized/design mark) to the expression of the words in a certain way. For example, “Coca-Cola” is a brand name of […]

Tax forms are complex and lengthy, but they can’t go south.

Federal trademark registration has become a standard practice for many reasons including (1) it’s inexpensive (as low as $225 to apply online); (2) due to the internet, no one does business in a single state; and (3) branding becomes crucial to even small businesses. And if I add one more to the list, it’s fairly easy. […]