Intellectual Property TEAS plus Trademark Trademark Application

(1) General Information

Common questions:

Take a look at Page #1 of TEAS plus form. At the very bottom, there are two questions.
TEAS plus P1

Question #1 asks if you're an attorney.

It's automatically marked "Yes." Because you're not an attorney, you should choose "No."


Not sure if you can do it alone? Re-visit "Should you hire an attorney?"

Question #2 asks if you wish to open an application previously filled-out and saved in your computer.

If you completed TEAS form before, you might have a save file. If you open the file, the form will be automatically filled out with your old answers. Otherwise, you can just ignore this question. By the way, you can save your answers to the form only at the last stage of the form.

When you are done, you can use  button to save your answers and proceed to next page.


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