Get attorney online.

You will be working with real attorneys with the convenience of internet. It’s a real lawyer service, so when you’re working with out-of-state attorneys, the consultation will be limited to federal issues. What are federal issues? Well, virtually all trademark and patent issues are federal unless you want to file a state trademark registration (which is pretty much obsolete) or you are facing litigation.

Your information is under the attorney-client privilege.

Many online solutions provide convenience over security. Well, you can’t say something is confidential when you’re freely letting everyone access your information, says the trade secret law. IPfever is not a typical online solution but a tool carefully designed by licensed law practitioners. A smarter way to work with lawyers has to be secure.

You get answers, not an invitation to attorney’s office.

We understand the frustration of not being able to go forward. IPfever is mindful of the essence of business: taking risk. We arrange things, so you and your attorney can work as a team. You will be the team leader who makes decisions; your attorney lends a hand.

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