Intellectual Property TEAS plus Trademark Trademark Application

(3) Mark Information I

Let's take a look at Page #3. It's about your mark.

TEAS plus P3 Full

Mark type: (Standard Character)

If you have no design/aesthetic features in your mark (i.e. it's just letters), leave the default value (of Standard Characters) alone shown as below.

 Not sure if you have a design feature or not? Ask a lawyer

Enter the mark here: (Standard Character)

Type your letters in the blank. Capital/small letters don't matter because it will be registered as all caps.


You can use Preview_USPTO-Generated_Image button to preview your mark as it would appear in the registration record.

Does the preview fully represent what your mark is? If you would like to have a specific font or color, that's a design/aesthetic feature. Also, if you want to include anything other than shown in the USPTO-Generated Image, you should consider using "Special Form".

If the image doesn't seem "quite" right, it might be a bad sign. Get It Done

Mark Type: (Special Form)

If you select "Special Form" as your Mark type, the form will adapt to your choice as below.


You should be careful because choosing a special form tends to reduce the extent of your trademark rights. Make sure you have read "You can call your coffee house “The Coffee House,” but …" Special form does have its own merit.


Standard or Special?  Ask a lawyer

Attaching image and explaining it (Special Form)

Now you have more things to do although it's not too complicated. Let's take a close look using an example. Via "Choose File" and "Attach" buttons, an image of IPfever logo has been uploaded. And the rest of the form is filled out accordingly as shown below.

TEAS_P3_img_005For Special Mark, you should be extra careful because this might limit your trademark rights. Make sure you are thorough with IPfever's Basics of Trademark in 10 minutes and USPTO's Trademark Basics. You should thoroughly consider the pros and cons of including design/aesthetic features in your registered mark.


Hard to describe design features in words? Get It Done

Additional Statement

You are not done yet. There's an important, but rather inconspicuously shown, message at the bottom. (Yes, you may go south in TEAS plus.)


This "Additional Statement" is only required for some cases, but a failure to include required Statements would disqualify your application of TEAS plus status (and extra fees and processing time will be due). A non-exhaustive but simple test is "whether your mark has an international element." If the answer is yes, you might need an additional statement. Another useful test is " whether you feel some important aspect of your mark is left out during application process." Submitting all necessary documents not only prevents unnecessary cost and delay but also maximizes your trademark rights.


Do you need a survey of your trademark for additional statement? Get It Done