How to get a patent without costing a fortune?

How can IPfever reduce the cost of patent? We set up simple rules: (1) you do your own homework; (2) attorneys work online; and (3) we make sure the attorneys fees are proportional to what you get. First, you do your own homework. If you just ignore an issue because it’s too much to deal with yourself, nothing ever changes. […]

Value of a patent: the cost-benefit analysis

Will your patent justify your time and money? This is where you can benefit from a consultation to a patent attorney who understands your technology and has your best interest in mind. The truth is virtually anything can be patented … if you don’t mind what is claimed in the patent. In other words, you sufficiently narrow the scope […]

Why patenting an invention so expensive?

It doesn’t have to be so expensive. It’s just that the law firms, boutiques, or their likes practicing patent law are focused on serving bigger mostly corporate clients rather than individual inventors. When it comes to an invention which is more about an idea and less about technology, you don’t need PhDs spending hours reviewing […]