Choosing a Right Name for your Brand or Product

Zara, which is a Fast Fashion brand like Forever 21, boasts that it takes only 10 to 15 days for an initial product design to reach their retail stores through international manufacture and logistics. In this fast-paced environment where a product can be copied within a few days and mass produced, a superb product design […]

What is Trademark?

A trademark is a mark you use in order to identify your good or service. For instance, IPfever is a trademark as it’s associated with services and contents offered at If a law professor wants to start a blog about IP, she shouldn’t name it IPfever. Such naming would mislead people to think that the blog was associated with IPfever. But, on the other hand, if a […]

Trademark Maintenance

Common questions: trademark-maintenance Maintaining registration calls for both administrative and executive action. Administratively, you need to file with the USPTO a showing that you’re still using the mark after 5 years of the registration, and every 10 years, you need to file a request for renewal. On the business side, you must continue using your mark at all times, even after the […]

Trademark Office Action

Common questions: office-action Office Action calls for a legal writing. When there is problem with your trademark application, the Office will issue an OA.  There could be multiple instances of OA per application while many trademarks get registered without any. Sometimes, a simple change to your application can fix the problem, so the only thing you need […]

Registration Tips

By carefully filling out all the required blanks and agreeing to go paperless in communicating with the USPTO, you can reduce your application fees from $325 to $225. Not all questions are straightforward. When you’re in doubt, always consult USPTO guidelines. Always consult a professional before making decisions. All you learned today may be a tip of an ice […]

Clearing path for your Trademark

Common questions: clearance-search Clearance SearchIt is absolutely necessary to find out if there is anyone using your mark prior to your use. A clearance search is often performed through proprietary services, which often search not only state and federal registrations but also common law trademarks. Typically, a better service costs more; but depending on your situation a simple […]

Pay and Submit

Common questions: quick-review What you see on this page is a summary of your application.Here you can pay and submit your application, which officially “file” your application with the USPTO. If you have any question with this process, you should contact the USPTO directly. You need someone to review your work? Get It Done

(6) Signature Page

Page #6 is where you sign off your trademark application.The USPTO accept an electronic signature in the form of any letter/number closed within forward slashes. For example,/John Smith/is an acceptable signature for Johnathan L. Smith. Signatory Position is your relationship to the trademark owner, which is often a legal entity (such as Inc. and LLC). You can put […]