2-min guide to IPs for retail business

Let’s say you were to sell t-shirts. What do you want to protect? A. Words, logos, etc B. Product design C. It’s all in the making. (e.g. special sewing technique) A. Words, logos, etc These are called “trademarks”. Trademark is a way to tell people that products bearing the “words, logos, etc” are from you.… Continue reading 2-min guide to IPs for retail business

Trademark DIY – ICs and IDs?

When you go through a TEAS application, you will be required to assign an acceptable identification of goods/services for your trademark. In doing so, you will be (sometimes unknowingly) assigning an international class as well. Find out what are these and how to choose them. International Classes & Acceptable Identifications of Goods or Services These… Continue reading Trademark DIY – ICs and IDs?

Somebody’s claiming rights under trademark registration, which you believe is bogus?

You may be able to move the USPTO to expunge or cancel a trademark registration for not being commercially used in the U.S. What is Expungement (and Reexamination) of Trademark Registration? Virtually anyone can petition for an expungement of a registered trademark with the evidence of record supporting that the registered mark has never been… Continue reading Somebody’s claiming rights under trademark registration, which you believe is bogus?

The Story of DASAMOA®

“The Story of” series of articles are written by Young Jeon, Esq. to share his experience with a trademark application filed with the USPTO. It is intended to be informative as to the USPTO trademark registration process. Only information readily available to the public is contained in this article. DASAMOA® is an online retail department… Continue reading The Story of DASAMOA®

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Not sure if you have a registered trademark?

There are many business owners who own registered trademarks but have no idea about it. How come? Possible scenarios: You’ve registered a trademark when you started up, and you never looked back. You thought having your business/brand name registered was a good idea one day, then you managed to get it registered. And now it… Continue reading Not sure if you have a registered trademark?

Trademark Search Hacks

Trademark attorneys, like myself, use USPTO’s Trademark Search like everyone else. I will walk you through the entire process with helpful tips you can use right away. First of all, you need to access Trademark Search (uspto.gov) You should see something like this: Now, hit the “Search by all” button on the top left, and… Continue reading Trademark Search Hacks

Did you receive an invoice (or a bill) for your trademark?

If you are wondering if the invoice or bill you received by mail is legit, please read on. Scammers consistently target US trademark applicants and registrants. Many of those have names bearing a close resemblance to the name of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) such as Patent and Trademark Office, LLC. First… Continue reading Did you receive an invoice (or a bill) for your trademark?

Patent Protection and Limitations

Patent protects inventor’s exclusive right to an invention, but at the same time it aims to promote further advancement of the same technology. These are conflicting goals for which patent provides a comprehensive exclusivity that is also clearly defined. If you are considering patenting your invention, you should first understand the limitations which define the… Continue reading Patent Protection and Limitations