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Attorney-client relationship will be limited to a particular trademark. The attorney does not represent your business on any other matters including other trademarks you have or you may have in the future.

Questions involved:


The attorney will tell you:

Whether your choice of letters and design features (like colors, style, etc) got potential to become a legally strong trademark for your particular product or business.

  • The attorney will review your mark in connection to your product or business.
  • The attorney will NOT review your mark in connection to any third-parties using the same mark or any existing trademarks.

Here’s how you proceed:

1. Pay retainer and submit a request form.

After paying retainer online, you will receive a request form (usually on next business day). With the form, you are free to attach anything that you believe relevant to your case although only those actually relevant will be reviewed.

2. Submit all information available to you.

Your attorney is not required to supplement or verify the information submitted because your information defines the boundaries of the legal purview. So, it’s better to be over-inclusive when you submit information.

3. Get a Written Report for free.

It’s free in both ways. You don’t pay anything, and the attorney is not promising a clear-cut answer. However, because of the availability retainer, the attorney will be happy to give out a clear answer in the report when there’s no reason for a further investigation.

4. After the First Review

If there’s an issue requiring a further investigation, the attorney will inform you of the nature of the issue and tell you how to proceed. When you proceed, you will be billed separately for the services performed afterwards.