Patent Obviousness Rejection Explained

Obviousness is a very common reason for rejection. A grant of patent without a single rejection is quite uncommon. One of the reason is that most applicants want to claim broadest possible for the greatest protection of law. Broadening the scope of claims. To maximize the scope of your claim, you don’t want to include unnecessary details in your claim.… Continue reading Patent Obviousness Rejection Explained

Trademark Office Action: how to respond

미국 상표 USPTO Principal Register 빠른 시일내에 강력한 상표를 취득 상표 출원, 중간 사건(OA) 대행 상표 침해에 대한 분쟁 및 소송

Office Action calls for a legal writing. When there is problem with your trademark application, the Office will issue an OA.  There could be multiple instances of OA per application while many trademarks get registered without any. Sometimes, a simple change to your application can fix the problem, so the only thing you need to is agreeing… Continue reading Trademark Office Action: how to respond