TESS Search Hacks

Trademark attorneys, like myself, use TESS just like everyone else. I will walk you through the entire process with helpful tips you can use right away. First of all, you need to access TESS, a trademark search service provided by the USPTO. You should see something like this: Now, choose “Word and/or Design Mark Search… Continue reading TESS Search Hacks

Patent Infringement: Clearance Search Explained

Patent clearance search is called a Freedom-To-Operate opinion because it reveals others’ patents that are blocking your way. It requires searching and analyzing patent documents in the country where you do business. Even if you invent something new, it is often based on other’s previous works. For example, you get a patent on a new cap design for plastic bottles, which… Continue reading Patent Infringement: Clearance Search Explained

Trademark Clearance Search

Clearance Search It is absolutely necessary to find out if there is anyone using your mark prior to your use. A clearance search is often performed through proprietary services, which often search not only state and federal registrations but also common law trademarks. Typically, a better service costs more; but depending on your situation a simple Google search… Continue reading Trademark Clearance Search