Amazon IP Accelerator Program

Amazon’s IP Accelerator Program (hereinafter “IPAP”) allows sellers to use Amazon Brand Registry as soon as they file for a trademark application with the USPTO. Typically, registration takes 6-9 months, so this is an exciting program for Amazon sellers.

Are the maximum service fees set by Amazon fair?

Assuming that the law firms participating in the IPAP charge the maximum fees set by the program, we compared the service charges as below:

As you can see, the cost savings in non-flat fee structure is significant. Nevertheless, because most Amazon sellers do not have their own lawyers who can do trademark prosecution at a competitive rate, they prefer to find one with a flat fee structure.

Unfortunately, the flat fees set by the IPAP, or advertised online, do not tell the whole story. Even if reviewed, researched and filed by a professional, a trademark application can be still subject to an office action (“OA”) by the USPTO for various reasons. When the time comes, service providers who set their flat fees too low will try to recoup their actual cost. Note, office actions must be responded in writing however simple or trivial they might be. This really opens the door for unethical conducts by service providers.

IPfever attorneys handle OA as it should be. If it involves a simple amendment to the identification of goods and services, the cost may be as low as $20. There are attorneys charge flat fees for OA, which do not make any sense because while some OA might require an extensive legal argument to overcome, others may be resolved with a simple email to the examiner.

Every attorney at IPfever wants to be your long-lasting partner (not a one-time trademark application service provider), and our fee structure as well as the workflow prevent attorneys from taking advantage of clients’ unfamiliarity with the process. That explains the unbelievably low cost associated with an average case at IPfever. In fact, most trademark cases are quite straightforward.

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By Youngsik Jeon, Esq.

J.D. Chicago-Kent College of Law; Georgia & Illinois Bar Member; USPTO Registered Patent Attorney