New Product Launch: How to Avoid Patent Lawsuit Threats

I help many clients who received cease and desist letters stating their products infringe some patent rights. By the time they come to me, it’s about ruling out frivolous claims, mitigating damages if not frivolous, and reducing costs related to settlement and litigation. What if you can avoid all those by doing these simple things… Continue reading New Product Launch: How to Avoid Patent Lawsuit Threats

When should you DIY TM application?

The USPTO provides ample resources to guide first-time DIY-ers through the trademark application and registration process. However, it does not give you much regarding when and how you should decide to seek expert help. Here comes a seasoned IP attorney’s take on “when should you go the DIY route.”

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How to File a Patent Yourself

You will hear many patent practitioners tell you against DIY if not all. And there are many good reasons. However, if you are in a situation where you simply cannot justify spending legal fees, you should be able to file an application yourself if you have enough time. First of all, what is patent? Patent… Continue reading How to File a Patent Yourself

Promotional Phrases as Trademark

Nowadays, in addition to “maker” and “brand”, “product name” is increasingly used as a trademark. There are simply so many product types and variations. Take a look at an example below: GREEN CLEAN is a product name of a cleanser from Farmacy Beauty. My impress is that it is something that naturally cleans your skin.… Continue reading Promotional Phrases as Trademark

Amazon Brand Registry related FAQ

Amazon Brand Registry is one of the strongest Amazon selling tools as a seller can control the entirety of Amazon listings for all products associated with a brand. It’s a free service for a seller who owns a UPSTO registered trademark. As Amazon Brand Registry is a private program ran and controlled solely by Amazon,… Continue reading Amazon Brand Registry related FAQ

Change Address on TM registration, DIY

Businesses move. And their trademarks should come along. Unfortunately, changing your address on your trademark registration(s) (also in your application(s) if it has not been registered) is not as straightforward as changing your profile on Facebook.

How IPfever works: the Real Cost of Getting a Trademark

If you’ve reached this article, you’re very likely mindful about those dubious online trademark services. They’re low cost, and they tend to have bad reviews on online communities like BBB and Yelp. Well, I’m not surprised. I’ve recently had a client who was charged for two international classes ($500 in USPTO fees), but for only… Continue reading How IPfever works: the Real Cost of Getting a Trademark

Acceptable identifications of goods and services

There are good reasons you should stick to the Trademark ID Manual when you describe your goods and services in your trademark application. Picking one outside Trademark ID Manual not only cost you more but also may delay the registration process. Why is the description important? First, you need to understand there are two different… Continue reading Acceptable identifications of goods and services