$225 to Register a Trademark?

We have discussed the importance of trademark in “Amazon Suggests Branding for All“, and compared good and bad trademarks in “How often do you Google your trademark“. This time, we will learn about how to register a trademark.

Pay and Submit

Common questions: quick-review What you see on this page is a summary of your application.Here you can pay and submit your application, which officially “file” your application with the USPTO. If you have any question with this process, you should contact the USPTO directly. You need someone to review your work? Get It Done

(6) Signature Page

Page #6 is where you sign off your trademark application.The USPTO accept an electronic signature in the form of any letter/number closed within forward slashes. For example,/John Smith/is an acceptable signature for Johnathan L. Smith. Signatory Position is your relationship to the trademark owner, which is often a legal entity (such as Inc. and LLC). You can put […]

(4) Mark Information II

Common questions: good-or-service international-class filing-basis specimen-attachment specimen-description first-use On this page #4, you will describe the product or service you’re selling. Is it a good or a service? What international class does the good/service fall under? And how do you describe the good/service in detail? To answer the questions, you need to know “what it is” that you […]