Licensed Attorney Volunteer

Young Jeon, JD has a BS in biotechnology, passed Fundamentals of Engineering exam, and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent attorney. At IPfever, he’s helped many inventors and innovative businesses to obtain patents and trademarks and drafted applications in a broad technological spectrum, including mechanical and computer science. With… Continue reading Licensed Attorney Volunteer

How to get a patent without costing a fortune?

How can IPfever reduce the cost of patent? We set up simple rules: (1) you do your own homework; (2) attorneys work online; and (3) we make sure the attorneys fees are proportional to what you get. First, you do your own homework. If you just ignore an issue because it’s too much to deal with yourself, nothing ever changes.… Continue reading How to get a patent without costing a fortune?

Youngsik Jeon, JD

Young Jeon earned his J.D. in 2012 from Chicago-Kent College of Law with a certificate of concentration program in Intellectual Property Law. After admitted to the Illinois bar in 2012, he primarily practiced trademark law, and He became a patent attorney in 2016 and admitted to Georgia bar in 2020. From ’13 to ’15 he… Continue reading Youngsik Jeon, JD