The Hidden Strength of Walmart

Although Amazon is reigning in the online retail market, if you compare the annual retail sales figures of 2016, Walmart’s $363 billion in annual revenue overshadowed Amazon’s $77 billion. This is a meaningful success in the offline retail market where many retail giants are fiercely competing. What in the earth makes Walmart to score such […]

What is Patent?

Patent is an exclusive right to appropriate an invention. Patent is often considered a luxury to a small and midsize business. More often than not, you find out about the importance of patents after someone accuses you of a patent infringement. It could be a cease and desist letter or a service of process. Without an understanding of how […]

Avoiding (or Overcoming) an Obviousness Rejection – Patent Prosecution

Common questions: obviousness-rejection Obviousness is a very common reason for rejection.A grant of patent without a single rejection is quite uncommon. One of the reason is that most applicants want to claim broadest possible for the greatest protection of law.Broadening the scope of claims.To maximize the scope of your claim, you don’t want to include unnecessary details in your claim. […]

Writing Specification of Your Patent Application

Common questions: patent-specification Patent Specification in your application is the body of your application.Your patent claims will be read in the context of the specification. Therefore, the specification should include all the information necessary to figure out what you claimed in your patent claim(s).  Roughly speaking, it should be an all-inclusive manual for your invention.It’s part of the deal you’re making with […]

Writing a Claim for Your Patent Application

Common questions: patent-claim Patent claim in your application defines your invention.And it will determine the scope of your legal rights. In other words, it will tell the others what can be done and cannot be done without infringing your patent right.Read the claims written by professionals.By the time you start drafting your application, you probably read at least a number […]

How to get a patent without costing a fortune?

How can IPfever reduce the cost of patent? We set up simple rules: (1) you do your own homework; (2) attorneys work online; and (3) we make sure the attorneys fees are proportional to what you get. First, you do your own homework. If you just ignore an issue because it’s too much to deal with yourself, nothing ever changes. […]