Google vs. Uber: Case Study for the Beauty Suppliers

Lately, the automotive industry is under a fierce competition for developing autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. Automotive companies around the world, including GM and Ford of North America; Daimler, BMW, VW Group of Europe; Toyota of Japan; and Hyundai Automotive Group of South Korea, are just a few examples, and technological innovations to enable autonomous vehicles are… Continue reading Google vs. Uber: Case Study for the Beauty Suppliers

Intellectual Properties in Business

Virtually everything that gives your business a competitive edge is protected by the law. Your supplier list is a trade secret. Your company/brand names are trademarks. You can (and you should) patent your new and unique business/product ideas to prevent copycats. For many start-up companies, intellectual properties are all they have. Trademark and Patent It wouldn’t be fair if… Continue reading Intellectual Properties in Business