US federal trademark registration is the most cost-effective and powerful protection available for your IP rights on brand names, logos, catchphrases, trade names, and so on.

You want “protection”, not just “registration”

We know what you want is not a trademark registration certificate but peace of mind. We will never fast-forward and say “let’s file an application.” Will your mark survive in the USPTO examination process? Will your mark serve as a good, strong trademark? These are questions we will address in free consultation.

Most affordable.

We have competition. For one, there are cheaper alternatives to hiring attorneys when applying for a trademark registration. But seldom do they tell you how to protect your rights. IPfever never encourages premature, unnecessary, or frivolous filings of trademark application. Even just for this reason, IPfever is the most affordable TM service there is.


Our attorneys only practice intellectual property (“IP”) laws. They are not someone who does trademark from time to time. All they do is IP.

What to expect?

We do not have administrative workers to fill out application forms and perform a cursory review. Our attorneys perform every step of your application in order to figure out the best way to protect your rights.

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